04. Concepción Church – Sacred Art Museum (7 exhibition rooms)

The mother church is linked to the foundation of the town, since its beginning as a building of small dimensions has its origin at the end of the 15th century. This first church was followed by a second one, whose construction begun in 1546 thanks to the support of the Franchi family and it was in service until 1704 and 1705, when the Güímar earthquakes deteriorated it to the point of being declared in a state of ruin In 1758. So the current temple is the third building started, following the instructions of Patricio Garcia, in 1768, but which includes interesting peculiarities, such as those introduced by the Madrid architect Ventura Rodríguez, in its barrel vaults. The temple was inaugurated in 1788 and profoundly refurbished between 1998 and 1999. It has been a National Monument since 1948. The facade reveals with its movement the interior division of a three nave temple, but it also presents one of the most interesting Baroque porticos of the Canary Islands, either by its ornaments or by the crest of its profile. The clock and the bell towers follow the same curved line. It is also noticeable an elegant dome on a tambour, which corresponds to the temple transept. In the interior we can find the Museum of Sacred Art of La Concepción (the Conception) with 7 exhibition rooms that will make you feel part of our history and traditions.