10, 11 and 12. ‘Casa de los Balcones’ / ‘Alfombras de La Orotava’ Ephemeral Art Center and nearby buildings.

The beginning of San Francisco Street constitutes an architectonic environment of great interest, where you can find traditional style buildings of great value such as Casa Méndez Fonseca, known as ‘Casa de los Balcones’ (The house of the balconies), a local handicraft centre, The Casa Ximénez Franchi, home to the ‘Alfombras de La Orotava’ (Orotava sand tapestries) Ephemeral Art Centre, both characterized by the long balcony that crowns the upper floor of their facades, and opposite them you can see the Casa Molina, called "Casa del Turista" (Tourists’ house) characterized by Its portico of late-Renaissance design that interrupts the horizontal tendency of its facade.

Casa Molina Casa Molina